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Blue Hole

by Dina Tawfik

Lastminute-Express.de - Last Minute Reisen online

From Dahab, if you are up for a sporty holiday, with some snorkeling, diving, hiking & camel-riding, just hire a 4x4, or even a pick-up Toyota with a driver.
The Blue Hole is situated only 15 km north of Dahab, and it surely ranks as one of the most amazing spots of Sinai. The car drive goes along the seemingly endless coastline of the peninsula fringed by the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea. The track is not too rough, until your driver points to a high rock with a big hole in it & says "we're going through it " - what a sense of humor!, you think. And as he drives closer you will close your eyes & hope that he had hopefully been here before to know what he is doing...
Immediately after this, you have reached the Blue Hole. It earned its name, not due the hole in that rock, but because from a far high mountain, the bay looks so turquoise blue with a dark spot due to its depth of approx. 100 meters.
The place is bustling with simple cafeterias & restaurants that offer drinks, snacks, diving & snorkeling equipment. There is also toilets available and a shower place that costs around 2 L.E.
Once you settle down on the kelims, little Bedouin children come with their charming smile and a mixture of languages trying to sell you bead-bracelets and necklaces. You'll probably end up buying things you don't know what to do with, well... you made them happy.


It's advised to walk further north for not more than 100 meters. Then start the diving or snorkel adventure to explore the depths and marvel of endless species of fish as well as the beautiful shades of unusual coral and sea gardens. On a clear day, the visibility is fantastic all the way down to the depth of 35 m.

As you head south you will end up where the cafeterias are. After a rest & a drink, go back into the water and head further more southwards. At a distance of no more than 200m, you reach the spot known as the "reef garden", then later the "canyon". At these spots, you will probably see barracuda, parrotfish, triggerfish, napoleon fish, and plenty of species of corals of blue, red, yellow and purple colour.

Coming back to shore, it is time to eat. Normally, the choices vary from shish kebab, grilled chicken, to omelets and yes of corse, fish.



Now it's time to hike or to have a camel ride. Probably, the first hazard is to get onto the camel: its rise to all fours is a three-step body dance accompanied by chesty groans, so boarding is an adventure itself.
For about 90 minutes, on foot or on camel, you will enjoy the scenery all the way to Abu Galum. However, if you are walking, you should have good walking shoes.

The way towards Abu Galum shows up with a very beautiful bay, with its warm water just perfect to form home to a myriad of marine flora & fauna. Over here, there are three spots to dive, while the easiest access is the "lagoon", as it is a smooth sandy path going into the water. One of the diving spots has a canyon which is an amazing experience, too.
Back to land, there are some Bedouin huts that you can hire to spend the night. Shelter and a mattress is being offered. In the evening you'll be tempted to walk along the one kilometer-wide beach, watching the moon and the clear and breath-taking star filled sky. However, you won't be alone: snails, crabs, prawns are also there, so watch your toes...


At Blue Hole, we strongly recommend to dive with an expert who has been here before. The Blue Hole is about 80m deep and several accidents (also deaths) have happened for not listening to this advice.
If you're not spending the night in Abu Galum, the drive between Blue Hole to Abu Galum is longer than the hike; so, don't worry if you are walking and you arrive at Blue Hole before your driver.
The drive from Abu Galum to Dahab takes about 3 hours, partly track, partly road.



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