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Sharm El Sheikh

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Sharm El Sheikh, or brief "Sharm", is the place that most people talk about if going to Sinai. It is situated at the bery south of Sinai, right next to the famous Ras Mohamed. It is a place that in the late 60ies still consisted only of only a very few people, but within very little time developed to a booming tourist place for many nationalities.

Talking about the destination Sharm El Sheikh, most people will find themselves probably not even there but in Naama Bay, which is the next "village" so to speak, but, in a way it is a part of Sharm. And, living in Naama Bay or in Sharm actually doesn't really matter. For visitors that like to snorkel a lot, Naama Bay might still be nicer, since hotels have been built later over here and the coral reefs right in front of the hotels are in a still better condition.

Normally, visitors go to Sharm or Naama Bay at nights. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and agencies that have open until late night. Plenty of shisha (traditional water pipe) places can be found next to the pavements, and people smoke their shisha while chatting about the experiences of the day. Tobacco for the shisha exists in various flavours, such like apple, strawberry, vanilla etc. and it can be baught in many shops for a very small aamount of money.


Sharm El Sheikh
Naama Bay
Entrance of Old Market
innumerable gift shops
material for padding is cheap
artists that learned their job well
the maestro knows better?
art for take away
the best fish
restaurant in Sharm
gifts all over
gifts all over
Libanesian Restaurant
shopping mall
one of the main roads
one of the main roads
shops one after another
the famous shisha (waterpipe)
herbs & spices



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