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Known as the perl of the Gulf of Aqaba, Nuweiba beares many tall palm trees along its coast.

In the last years, Nuweiba has grown rapidly to a famous tourism resort with more and more hotels. O fmuch importance for Nuweiba is its harbour, not only for its commercial goods being shipped from here. From here you can reach Jordan by boat trip within 90 minutes. This means that apart from all other sites to be seen in Sinai, visitors can easily go to Petra in Jordan to visit the legendary capital of the Natabaean kingdom.


Nuweiba is an ideal place to stay. From here you can visit places like the oasis Ain Khudra or Ain Fortuga, the Coloured Canyon, or the protectorate Ras Abu Galum.

One of the new attraction of Nuweiba is a real dolphin, that somehow decided to stay close to the Ras Abu Galum. Visitors can actually swim with the dolphin.



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