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Main Intention:

allSinai.info is a travel guide to the peninsular of Sinai, Egypt.
The main intention is to deliver deep information to those that are interested to visit Sinai once or more often. We want to offer a broad and deep information source of all that concerns fauna, flora, desert, beduines, geology, diving, safaris, hotels and all that can be of interest for your visit. We want to make pleople aware of the beauty of Sinai and in the same time make people aware of the importance to protect this unique place.


Who we are:

We are a private travel guide portal, offering free information service to those interested. Articles can be published on our sites by anyone that has experience on a specific Sinai matter. We will check the author's credibility and will publish the information given if approved by us as to be valuable. Interested pleople are welcome to write us via our web pages on bacoo.de.



The sites allSinai.info are mainly written by specialists that know this peninsular for many years. However, we explicitly do not take the responsibility for the correctness of contents or recommendations. All information is based on experience and should be taken with care. Although we make sure that the quality of the articles are of a very high standard, we are not responsible for any wrong, false, misleading or obsolete statement. If going to Sinai, we recommend you to inform yourself at local authorities like the official tourist information.


Content of the Web Site

Web site specific documents, such as the design or layout documents of the allSinai.info web site, are subject to change without notice. This applies to any other allSinai.info owned, operated, licensed or controlled site.



Printouts and downloads of portions of the materials provided by allSinai.info are allowed solely in connection with your use of the allSinai.info services provided on the Web site. In downloading materials from the allSinai.info site, you agree not to delete or change any trademarks, proprietary notices and the like from any materials. Any other retransmission, copying, publication or redistribution of any portion of the allSinai.info site material is strictly prohibited without express written consent of allSinai.info. Requests for reuse should be directed via bacoo.de, but will not necessarily be granted.


Web Links

Any links on this Web site may let the user leave the allSinai.info web site. Linked sites are not under the control of allSinai.info. allSinai.info is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site, or any updates or changes to such sites. allSinai.info is providing these links to you only as a convenience. However, the inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement by allSinai.info of that site. allSinai.info assumes no legal liability and is not responsible for the accuracy of the contents or any other aspect of any external web site to which a link or other reference has been provided on the allSinai.info site.



please contact us via bacoo.de



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