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Oasis in Sinai



  Oasis Access Description
  Ain El Akhdar 4x4 / camel

This Beduine oasis has palms and a Beduine cemetery.

  Ain Fortaga 4x4

Ain Fortuga lies on the east coast of Sinai, very close to the Coloured Canyon. This oasis is approximately only 15 km away from the main coastal road, right within the Wadi Watir. In summer time there is water, small green plants and moss. It is possible from here to reach Ain Khudra as well as the Coloured Canyon with a 4x4.

  Ain Kid 4x4

Ain Kid is a big oasis containing groves, date palms and a well. The oasis is situated approx. 15 km west of the road Dahab to Sharm El Sheikh and there is less tourism over here than in other oasises.
Ain Kid is surrounded by mountains. Next to the oasis there is a marvellous canyon with a spring called Ain Esh Sharia. The spring is only appearing in very rainy seasons.

  Ain Khudra 4x4 / camel Ain Khudra is approx. 8 km away from the main road (way from Nuweiba to St. Catherine). This marvellous place is a very beautiful example for an oasis. It is recommended to accept the offered service from the Beduines on the main road.
  Ain Quseib 4x4 / camel

This beautiful oasis is situated at the top of Wadi Quseib.

  Ain Umm Ahmed 4x4 / camel

This is probably the biggest oasis in Eastern Sinai, one of the most loveliest as well. There is water and palm trees and it is possible to spend the night in a desert camp.

  Ain Umm Sa'ida 4x4 / camel

This small oasis is situated at the slope of Wadi Mageirat.

  Feiran Oasis 4x4 / camel

Feiran Oasis is the largest Oasis in Sinai, stretching for more than 5 km. It is probably the Wadi Feiran that made this place so famous, Sinai's largest wadi and probably - from the archeological point of view - most important one. According to the legend it was this here where Moses converted a rock into a spring so his people could drink. Walking through this wadi is a journey through history (Old Testament - Exodus 17) for many pilgrims and also for some interested tourists.
In the 4th century AD Feiran was about to develop into a major religious center and still today there are ruins of lots of ancient churches to be seen.
However, the Pearl of Sinai - this is how Feiran Oasis is called - today shows more than 30.000 palm trees, while the heart of it is streching about 4 km. There are orange trees, lemon trees and various types of wild flowers growing along the roads at the foot of Gebel Serbal. On the edges of Feiran Oasis there are enormous cliffs, that contribute to the mysterious and paradisiacal atmosphere of this valley.
Beduines here come from all over the whole peninsular and it is possible to spend a night here.




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