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As investigated throughout many years, there are for no doubt many landmines still left in Sinai.

There have been many investigations about the areas where landmines can be found.


Dahab Area

In the area of Dahab there we lots of mines being cleared the last years. Military units that are based in South Sinai were and are still doing a hard job. Also, some people recommend to keep small metal detectors for safety if a regular safarist and to explore suspected areas. Prices are supposed to be not very high, especially if they are being used by a big group.



More details following soon



Nuweiba Area

More details following soon

Articles about landmines
a selection of 4 articles about landmines in Sinai and Egypt is stating the severeness.


Links to land mines matters:

- how do landmines work
- landmine types

South Sinai

South Sinai
More details following soon
Wadi Umm Adawi



More details following soon

Wadi Umm Adawi


The pictures were kindly provided by STK Parks



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