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  Although the name "Sinai" is mentioned in the Bible various times (Exodus 16, I and Exodus 19, I), it is still unclear, where it originally comes from. One theory, however, is that it might derive from the word "sin", which is the name of an ancient god of the moon.


  2 Mil. Years The land extention of Sinai, Egypt, and Sauri Arabia has almost been one part. Enormous ravages reformed this area soon apon and left Sinai as a peninsular right between Egypt and the Arabian peninsular.
  30.000 BC Prove of probably the oldest settlement, found in the north of Sinai.
  3100 BC The Egyptian history of dynasties begins the way we know it today. From what we got handed down, this was the date of the first dynasty, where Menes unites two kingdoms in Egypt.
  2500 BC A heterogeneous nomadic horde from western Asia (called Hyksos) crossed Sinai to invade Egypt. Throughout the Hyksos's occupation there was no Egyptian activity found in the mines and quarries of Sinai.

1400 BC

According to the Biblical, Moses was wandering for many decades in the region of Sinai. It is believed that - leading approx. half a million Israelites - at Mount Sinai God spoke to Moses. This is also the place that has drawn pilgrims for more than a thousand years.
  332 BC Troops of Alexander the Great marched through Sinai in order to conquer Egypt.
  ~0 AD
Virgin Mary with her child Jesus Christ crossed Sinai escaping from and coming back to Palestine.
  ~550 St. Catherine's Monastery was constructed by order of the Emperor Justinian
  1050 the Arabs invaded Egypt and penetrated Sinai, where most of the inhabitants were converted into Islam.
  1182 Salah El Din marched with troups across Sinai, entering Transjordan by the route of Aqaba.
  1517 The turkish Sultan Selim invaded Egypt via the coast of Sinai. He built fortresses, filled them with Moorish soldiers, who to protect pilgrims. In Acaba there are still descendants of this race nowadays.
  1858 Saed Pasha established a quarantine for pilgrims in Tour city.


The Suez Canal - between the Mediterranian Sea and the Gulf of Suez is being opened with a length of 195 km.

Excavation and digging for petrol started. In 1921, petrol was finally discovered close to Abu Doria.



First Arab-Israel War, including Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon.


As a reaction of the Suez crisis and in coordination with the British and French military, Israel is occupying Sinai. In the same year (end of war), the UDSSR and the USA are forcing Israel to return Sinai's territory to Egyptian control.


Six-Day-War, an attack from Israel against Egypt on June 5th to June 11th. By the end of this war Sinai is under Israeli control.
  1973 6th October War (also Yom Kippur War), lead by Egypt and Syria against Israel. Disengagement agreements finally leaves Egypt with parts of the East Bank of the Suez Canal, a zone stretching only a couple of kilometers into Sinai.
  1979 Peace agreement between Egypt and Israel, forcing Israel to withdraw military forces as well as disengaging settlements from Sinai until 1982.
  1982 Israel finishes the Sinai withdrawal process. Multinational Force Observers are installed to secure protection from Israeli or Egyptian military activities.
  1983 Ras Mohamed as the first and only Egyptian National Park was declared with an area of 97km². Since then it has been extended to 480km² and includes marine and terrestrial areas (also on Tiran Island).
  1989 March 15th: the small town of Taba, next to the Israeli border, is being handed over to Egypt. Before this, Egypt and Israel had tough negotiations throughout years, since Israel saw the peace agreement of 1979 as not including Taba.



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