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This site is dedicated to friends of the Sinai.

Read from others about their experiences in Sinai, concerning the desert, nice spots, new tracks, diving, hotels and other experiences etc.

If you like to share an experince, please write us, we will publish it.

Author Comment
Abercron As a tourist you should have an international driving licence. The police is checking all cars from time to time on the way from Naama Bay to Sharm El Sheikh and it happends that they are not accepting a national driving licence from other countries. Also, make sure that you do not have to hand the car licence to the police officer for any reason - if they take it away, it becomes really expensive (about 300 USD) to get it back. It might be a good idea to "not find it...", perhaps they give up searching for it. Sometimes is working out. Also, it might be helpful - in case they stop you for some reason - not to understand any language. Be aware that you have a language in your passport...;)
Brian Lord Recent visit to Hilton Waterfalls Sharm El Sheikh was great, good food, good service, try the overnight visit to the desert with camel ride with the real Beduines
Jan Car-driving is in generall no problem. Only make sure, that you have some change ready. You might need it for tolls, tips, getting rid of kids... It's a good idea to keep some money besides your major money depot, nobody needs to see how much money you have!
Michael Sinai is really nice. I stayed in the Hilton Waterfalls Hotel (it should be mentioned on this site) which is really nice and not too pricy. Within the hotel area is the GO-DIVE diveshop which offers courses and diving trips. The base is owned by German and they have an office in Germany (details: www.go-dive.de) where you can book packages in advance for a lower rate. Diving in the Sinai area is great. You can see all colourfull reefs and fish and even big fish (sharks, manta, etc.) can be seen. The highest possibility for big fish is in the Street of Tiran. One of the most famous wrecks is also located in the sinai area. The Thistlegorm was sunk in world-war II and the store rooms are still packed with trucks, rifles, motorbikes and even a locomotive. Very impressive although one of the strongest currents I have experienced in the red sea. Altogether I can strongly recommend sinai to divers. Choose a good base, there are some rip-offs around. You should have a look at www.taucher.net to find comments on most places and most of the reefs you can dive. Have fun!!
Noha El Shoky Sitting there at the quiet resort by the sea after a hectic, physically, mentally and emotionally consuming yet sensually, spiritually and mind enriching three-day hike in the extended virgin valleys of Sinai. Wearing my comfortable top and wide colorful pants I contemplate in God?s expansive kingdom. The vastness of the sea in front of me encompasses my soul, drafting my entire essence away into nothingness, into a sweet dizziness, a trance that lasts for no more than a fraction of a second. As I take in my next breath and slowly shift my head my eyes hit the horizon and another wave of emotions engulfs me.. I realize how big this world is and can visualize this line of the horizon extending into infinity. An amazing feeling of serenity takes over my soul as the tides of fatigue, strain and worry gradually retreat. The warm sunrays penetrate my skin reaching deep into my muscles causing them to loosen up completely until the first drops of perspiration emerge from under the pores only to be instantly hit by the refreshing salty sea breeze. The tranquility and complete peacefulness that conquer accumulated stress of city life, the total loss of inhibition that comes with the entire expereince make my mind wonder and explore areas never explored before. My horizon broadens and the mental limitations and cobwebs imposed by oneself and by city life and civilization slowly dissolve.. And I realize that there are many many alternatives to the way one currently lives, and the life style one willingly adopts. The light comes in as those imaginative walls in one?s head collapse? I feel deeply shaken by the truth that there?s definitly a lot about one?s life that one can in fact change
Noha El Shoky Ali Baba, Sindbad, Alaa El Deen, and Kahramana started their journey to the valleys around St, Catherine almost at 1:00 at night. Watching the curves of the hills on both sides of the road lit by the soft moonlight was one more factor that made Kahramana not able to sleep. The stops at Manta Rest House for hot tea and coffee and of course the luxury of tab water, decent bathrooms and the miraculous invention called “soap” were not to be missed along the way. Arriving at St. Catherine’s Town early in the morning yearning for a couple of hours of sleep, the 4 Safarists took out their sleeping bags and grabbed as much sleep as they could preparing for the hectic day ahead. At 9:00 in the morning waking up facing the already sharp sunrays in their eyes they headed to St. Catherine’s Town to meet the famous Sheikh Moussa, provider of local guides. (wondering all the time whether their guide is going to be Hussein, Selim or someone else this time) Al El Sheikh Moussa they meet their Guide Farah and their 2 camels, Abdu and Sabhan.and the mystical journey in the outstretched vallies begins. Climbing up the somehow steep Abu Geefa Mountain was a strong start, passing by the rock where newly weds draw their feet next to each other made Kahramana think jokingly…”Oh those Bedouins…. aren’t they ashamed to draw the bride’s feet for the public like this:)”. Alaa El Deen pointed out leopard traps to Kahramana, explaining that people used to put a sheep to lure the leopards residing in the mountains into the hidden traps. The a sip of water at the top of Abu Geefa came so refreshing and the excitement and anticipation of what's coming next stirred in Kahramana’s chest. The walk down Abu Geefa into Zawateen and then eventually into Wadi Gebal was way easier than the walk up Abu Geefa. Wadi Gebal was one of those places that simply engulf you..the scents of habag and za3tar (Sinai mint and oregano) invaded their noses with every single breeze coming their way. The colours of the rocks..blue, red, variety of earth tones just shocked their eyes time after time. At lunch time the 4 Safarists and Farah sat under a berry (tout) tree and shared tuna in water, tuna with beans, chips, bread and canned stuffed vine leaves (ma7shi wara2 3enab), the vine leaves usually aren't that great but in the desert they miraculously tasted unexpectedly different. After cleaning up the cans Ali Baba , Sindbad, Alaa El Deen, and Kahramana and their guide Farah headed to Farsh El Romana..enjoying a very relaxing yet refreshing walk down the valley only to stop at a place that looks as if it had witnessed a great explosion of a massive quartz rock ..time for a little nap ..at this stunning hill where hundreds of splinters of varying sizes and shapes are scattered all around…each Safarist chose a spot and laid his tired body down for a while.. Being there in this magical place surrounded by tall mountains Kahramana felt so small and fragile like a little butterfly that lasts for a mere couple of weeks amidst those gigantic rocks that have been there for millions and millions of years. Reaching the camp at Frash El Roman , they felt like finally reaching home..They found Abdu and Sabhan the Camels sitting comfortably chewing on their food while the 3 Bedouins started making tee in the dala, basically a used sausage can or something. Meanwhile, Sindbad tempted Ali Baba and Kahramana to climb this rock that had been first conquered on a previous trip by the great Explorer El Sheikh Karim El Khadem. The destination was the top balcony, where Sindbad easily found his way to the top..whereas Kahramana as usual tried to squeeze herself into places she shouldn’t be at and --like every time-- had to in the end abide by the laws of gravity and nature and crawl back down only this time to listen to Sindbad her saviour and leave him lead her to the royal balcony overlooking the camp. Sindbad, Ali Baba and Kahramana watch Alaa El Deen relax with the 3 Bedouins watch them make tea. Coming down from the rock the go to the water basin and there they fund the famous diving beatles..the joke around about how the beetles pose with their abdomen up the water…they find out that the beetles doing that go up to grasp some air before diving back into the water. Sindbad the Scientist comes up with this crazy idea and decided to measure how much time a beetle can last under water without getting air..they follow the beetle swirl around in the water ..but in the end they lose it..anyway..Sindbad the Scientists concludes that a diving beetle can stay up to 2 minutes under water .. Then dinnertime is there, they gathered around the fire while Awad the older Bedouin guy takes the flour that Ali Baba was smart enough to bring along from Cairo. The made some kind of feteer (flat bread) that tasted just perfect with guess what…tuna, tuna and tuna. The three Safarists being tired they go to be din their sleeping bags watching the moon above them covered every now and then with a soft, semi transparent, stretched cotton-like cloud, hearing the wind move the leaves of the big tree in front of them.. Sindbad and Alaa El Deen fall easily asleep, Kahramana struggled to get some sleep but couldn’t fight the anxiety of unknown source for more than 2 hours under the tree…eventually she picked up her torturing sleeping bag and joined Ali Baba in the camp. She had discovered that sleeping inside as sleeping bag was not exactly her cup of tea.. At midnight Kahramana woke up at some noise..Farah had come running with candle saying it had been raining and of course..rain in the desert meant scorpions come out of their caves up p the surface….ohhhh goshhhh.. Kahramana believed this was her worst night ever to spend, the damn sleeping bag, where she can’t turn as much as she liked, she prayed for the sun to rise to end her grieving torture and for another day to begin.. To be continued…..
Tino The Hotel Royal Rojana is ok so far. You get reasonable prices for a 4 Star hotel (25-32 USD per night). Nevertheless, the service in the reception is sometimes not as friendly as could be. The food is standard and you shouldn't expect too much. Rooms are nice, actually everything you need plus nicely choosen colours. Sometimes functionality of certain stuff is not given, but they fix it quickly if you tell them.



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