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Dynasies in Egypt



  Arround 270 BC the priest Manetho has written an Egyptian history, chaptered in three books. These papers were handed down to our nowadays investigations and we still refer to it in most aspects. However, Manetho has split the Dynasties into 30 different ones. Because of differences in power there were sometimes more than one imperator at the same time having the power. This causes overlaps in some of the below mentioned times.

  Dynasty Time of Imperium (BC)  
  1st Dynasty 3100-2890  
  2nd Dynasty 2890-2686  
  3rd Dynasty 2686-2613  
  4th Dynasty 2613-2494  
  5th Dynasty 2494-2345  
  6th Dynasty 2345-2181  
  7th Dynasty 2181-2173  
  8th Dynasty 2173-2160  
  9th Dynasty 2160-2130  
  10th Dynasty 2130-2040  
  11th Dynasty 2133-1991  
  12th Dynasty 1991-1786  
  13th Dynasty 1786-1633  
  14th Dynasty 1786-1603  
  15th Dynasty 1674-1567  
  16th Dynasty 1684-1567  
  17th Dynasty 1650-1667  
  18th Dynasty 1567-1320  
  19th Dynasty 1320-1200  
  20th Dynasty 1200-1085  
  21th Dynasty 1085-945  
  22th Dynasty 950-730  
  23th Dynasty 817-730  
  24th Dynasty 730-715  
  25th Dynasty 751-656  
  26th Dynasty 663-525  
  27th Dynasty 525-404  
  28th Dynasty 404-398  
  28th Dynasty 398-378  
  30th Dynasty 378-341  



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