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Under Water

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The following sites might be recommended to check out before going to Sinai.
Most of the sites give a good overview and deep information about diving conditions and diving sites.

  Link Description
  ACUC American Canadian Underwater Certification
  Best Dive Diving base in Sharm-el-Sheikh. Sites contain detailed information about diving in Sharm El Sheikh.
  CMAS Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatique
  DAN Europe Divers Alert Network (Europe)
  DAN USA Divers Alert Network (USA)
  DDRC Diving Diseases Research Centre
  HDS Historical Diving Society
  IADI Independent Association of Dive Instructors
  IDEA International Diving Educators Association (Europe)
  NASDS National Association of Scuba Diving Schools
  NASE National Association of Scuba Educators
  NAUI Tec National Association of Underwater Instructors
  PADI Worlds largest diver training agency
  RedSeaCollege The Red Sea Diving College is a PADI 5 Star CDC (Career Development Centre) which specializes in diver training
  Red Sea Diving Egypt's Red Sea Virtual Diving Center
  SAA Sub-Aqua Association
  SITA Scuba Industries Trade Association
  Sub Ocean Safety Providing treatment centres for dive workers in the third world
  TDI Technical Divers International
  UHMS Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society
  Wreck Diving Links Links about wreck Diving



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