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Book Recommendations for Sinai


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Title Author ISBN Information
Lonely Planet: Egypt
Andrew Humphreys, Siona Jenkins 1864502983 584 pages, January 2002. Very detailed Guide ton Egypt, including Sinai.
Sinai: Egypt Pocket Guide

Alberto Siliotti 977-424-597-0 Egypt Pocket Guide; 48 pages with more than 170 photographs, maps and drawings. The American University In Cairo Press; we do highly recommend this guide. It is a quick and compact reference with the most important details about Sinai.
Guide to Exploration of the Sinai

Alberto Siliotti 8880955586 160 pages - White Star Publishers: 12. April 2001
We highly recommend this guide to people that are interested in more than only a guide. This book gives deep information about almost everything thaat you can find in Sinai.
Sinai Fabrizio Calzia, Marco Maroccolo

8880956620 144 pages: 29. November 2001
Peninsula Of Sinai BONECHI PUBLICATIONS 8870099466  
The Sinai: A Physical Geography
Ned H. Greenwood

160 pages - University of Texas Press, August 1997.
General overview of the physical geography of the Sinai desert. It's not an extensive scientific work, but any feature is discussed. It is well written and suitable for students, experts and for people who are more than 'just' interested. It contains an extensive bibliograpy for further reading, a cross reference index and a (topographical) glossary.

Sinai: The Site & the History
Mursi Saad El Din, Gamal Mokhtar, Fouad Iskandar, gawd Gabra


142 pages - New York University Press.
Six Egyptian scholars and two master photographers capture a lasting impression and a host of little known facts and history about this vital and strategic geographic entity. The essays, together with 60-plus color photographs, most of them full-page, provide a comprehensive picture of the region's

An Archaeological Investigation of the Central Sinai, Egypt
Frank W. Eddy, Fred Wendorf

368 pages - University Press of Colorado.
List of Figures List of Tables Foreward Preface and Acknowledgments Abstract SURVEY Introduction Research Methods Description of Site Localities Dating and Chronology Building Analysis of Data Interpretive Summary References Cited EXCAVATION Introduction Excavations at Sinai-1, the Rahaya Site, Rahaya Locality Excavations at Sinai-10, the Kite Site, Romythi Locality Excavations at...

Bedouin Poetry from Sinai and the Negev: Mirror of a Culture
Clinton Bailey 0198265476 508 pages, Januar 1991
Mount Sinai Joseph J. Hobbs 0292730918 December 1995
The Gold of Exodus: The Discovery of the True Mount Sinai
Howard Blum
0671027328 432 pages, Januar 1999
The Gold of Exodus: The Discovery of the True Mount Sinai Howard Blum
0684809184 368 pages, Feburary 1998
In Search of the Mountain of God: The Discovery of the Real Mt. Sinai
Bob Cornuke, David Halbrook 0805420525 240 pages, June 2000
Composition of and changes in the spontaneous flora of Feiran Oasis, S Sinai, Egypt, in the last 60 years Abd El-Ghani, M. M. & Fahmy, A. G. ISSN 0511-9618 Willdenowia 28: 123-134. 1998
Based on investigations of the spontaneous flora of Feiran Oasis in 1995 and 1996, 70 taxa of vascular plants, 49 dicots and 21 monocots, are listed, of which 33 taxa are recorded for the first time from the oasis. This inventory is compared with herbarium collections and published records of investigations made in the 1930s and 1960s. Considerable changes in the composition of the spontaneous flora of Feiran Oasis in the last 60 years are ascertained and reasons are discussed.


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