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To place your banner on our sites please find below prices and conditions. Also, feel free to contact us for any information on hits per week or other concerns.

Current Prices:

main start page

3 months:    90 USD
6 months:    170 USD
9 months:    240 USD
12 months:  300 USD
link pages (like "fauna")

3 months:    45 USD
6 months:    80 USD
9 months:    95 USD
12 months:  110 USD




  1. Currently, the banner will appear on the agreed position (mail).

  2. Per site there is only 1 advertisement possible. Our intention is to avoid that sites are overloaded with adds that are causing long loading time. 

  3. The size of the ad may not exceed the measures of 200 x 60 mm (W x H).

  4. The file size may not exceed 18 KB (kilo byte) per banner.

  5. We offer a link from the banner to a given web address.

  6. The payment will be done via bank transaction. Please contact us to arrange for more details.

  7. AllSinai.info has the right to change the layout of the internet sites at any time. This bears the fact that a banner can change places within that site if a change of the layout occurs or for any other reason. If for any reason layouts are being changed, AllSinai.info will try make sure that there is no loss for the customer in terms of a worse placement.

  8. If for any reason the banner is causing damage (e.g. reputation for morally questionable links) to the sites of AllSinai.info, AllSinai.info has the right to take out the banner without any refund of the received money. In this case the client will be informed.




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